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At BizPros LLC we know that obtaining financing can be a very stressful event.  Our professional staff handles financing on a daily basis.  We have contacts with national banks, regional banks, credit unions, asset based lenders, hard money lenders, and venture capitalists.  We know who’s lending money this week and who’s not, and we know how to prepare a loan packet that makes it easy for the bank to say yes.

So what does it cost for financing services?

There are two solutions.  The first involves us preparing a loan packet for you to go obtain your own financing. We prepare the package, give you the names of two lenders to contact, and coach you on how to present to them.  This generally costs between $2,500 and $3,500.  The second solution involves us obtaining your financing for you on a contingency basis.  The cost for this service is 10% of the loan amount.  Under the contingency financing scenario, you only pay when we deliver your financing (ie you don’t pay if we are unsuccessful in getting you financed. ) As with all BizPros services, it costs you nothing for us to meet with you to determine if we can help you.

“I wanted to sell out my share of the business to one of my partners. The problem was that I was told that it was not possible for my partner to get the financing. I was told by a business broker that I needed to call BizPros LLC. He said that if anyone could get our deal financed it was BizPros LLC because they knew what it took to make a deal bankable and they had the relationships with many banks. BizPros structured the deal, put the sources/uses spreadsheet together with all the banking ratios, met with my banker, and got the deal done. Now I am enjoying retirement.”

• Joe F.



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